WORKSHOP Caroline Challan Belval/URBAN BODY MORPHOLOGY/Walk – Spaces and layers – seen/unseen


Approach to the urban morphology in a singular trip trough the city by the drawing and immersion into the space.

The aim is to carry out a reflection on the concepts of morphology, space, place, topos.

This walk will lead us to a reflection about the morphology of the urban body, its parts and their articulations, its structure or architecture – visible and invisible – the historical layers, their layering and interplay, across the past and present.

During the course of the project, we will discuss the name and the meaning of places, the individual or collective landmarks in the space, and the way they integrate into everyday life.

Each student will gather a corpus of notes.

Back in the studio, the students will reconstruct some of the figures they have seen, on a monumental scale.

Itinerary : ESAD – Porta da cidad – Jardim (parque)  – Museu Malhoa – Praça da Rainha – Centro de artes, and neighbourhood.

References : Biennal of sculpture of Caldas de Rainha, Marina Abramovic, Antonino Mendes, François Morellet, Robert Morris, Sol Lewitt.

Conference : Morphology, from the human body to the urban body.


This research will be carried out in relation with the course of drawing and etching of the National Superior school of art, the Villa Arson, Nice, France.

ESAD Caldas da Rainha, October, 22-25, 2013

Invitation by Isabel Baraona, drawing professor.


Caroline Challan Belval is a French artist (1977, Cognac), professor at the Ecole nationale supérieure d’Art, Villa Arson, Nice (engraving and drawing), and Lecturer at the University of Nice, Master 2.

She is graduated from the Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and thereafter held a Master’s Degree in Architecture and Heritage at the Universities of Nice and Genova. She was awarded of a Colin Lefranc Scholarship in New York. The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMAC, Nice, France) dedicated a personal exhibition to her drawings in 2011. An exhibition about her work was organized by the International Center of Contemporary Art (CIAC, Carros, France) in 2012, following the prize she won at the Biennale of the Mediterranean Union for Modern Art.

The Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine, Palais de Chaillot, Paris, will present her Works about architecture carrying out a reflection on Fundamentals (2014).

Her work is largely related to architecture, the worker’s world and the underground world. It is rooted in the everyday practice of painting, drawing, engraving and photography : Ars architectonica, Gardiens d’étoiles, Chelsea meat factory, 15 jours en usine, Bestiaire mythologique, l’Ere du poisson, l’Homme cherche-midi, Anti mémoire, Visoes-Ficçao, Fragments botaniques, Latone

25th September 2012 – INCOMING STUDENTS’ CITY TOUR
Despite this rainy day, our “incoming” students were excited to discover the city.

We started at the school and we headed on foot to the Museum Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro. The Museum provided our ERASMUS students a very pleasant visit. They’re delighted with the tour and got a new perspective of ceramic art.

Then we walked to the city center, passing through the fruit square and shopping streets.

[Incomming students at the Caldas da Rainha city center.]

The goal was to reach the City Hall, where the President was awaiting us for a welcome reception.

The President Fernando Costa received the students with a welcome speech and, last but not least, with kisses and regional liquor, a “ginjinha de Óbidos”.

Lunch was served at the restaurant Maratona with the following menu:
SOPA camponesa (soup)
Bacalhau à gomes de sá (codfish)
Arroz doce (rice pudding)
Trocha de ovos (sweet made of eggs)
Pêra bêbeda (“drunk” pears)
Café com beijinhos das Caldas (coffee served with regional cookies)

And finally, to burn some of the calories ingested at lunch, a “Balance Fit” workout in the Balance Health Club & Spa..

[Incomming students at the Balance Health Club & Spa.]

Polish Trainees Exhibit in ESAD.CR.

On July 31, 2012 there was an exhibition in ESAD.CR from two Polish students coming from the The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design located in Wroclaw.

The two students had done an internship at the Ceramics and Plaster Office during a three months period.

This exhibition aimed to share the excellent work done by Dawid and Weronika, who chose Caldas da Rainha to learn more about pottery.

[Exhibition by Dawid and Weronika]

[Exhibition by Dawid and Weronika]

Technician Rita Frutuoso in Mobility.

Under the Faculty and Staff Mobility for Training (STT) program, technician Rita Frutuoso attended training in Italy in La Meridiana – International Ceramics Centre.

According to her it was a wonderful experience because besides learning a bit more about porcelain, she had the privilege of meeting people from all over the world.

“Incoming” students’ reception.

On 17 October it was with great satisfaction that ESAD.CR held a meeting to welcome new students.

It is the first time that ESAD.CR receives so many Incoming students. This year we received 39 students from various European countries and also from Brazil.

The nationalities of our students are: Spain (9), Germany (5), Latvia (6), Brazil (6), Slovenia (3), Poland (1), Finland (1), Ireland (1), Norway (2), Turkey (4) and Belgium (1).

We wish you all a great stay.

International Week 2012 in ESAD.CR

It all started a few months ago when the head of the Mobility Office at ESAD.CR, Sandra Taurino, had the brilliant idea of holding the 3rd International Week on ESAD.CR.

Little did she now where she was getting into!

First she had a talk with the incoming students so that they would participate with their work in the International Week. All were willing to cooperate. 

We have art coming from various parts of Europe and elsewhere (Italy, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Latvia, Sweden, Slovenia, and Brazil).

The exhibition opened on 07/05/12 at 4h30 p.m. and was held until 11/05/12 at the Hall of the Auditorium of EP1.

On May 9 – Europe Day – The ESAD.CR received the ERASMUS FILM FEST.

This festival was organized by ESAD.CR and ESTM. During the morning there was the awards ceremony of the festival (

The awards ceremony concluded with two musical moments. Two students of ESAD.CR played Libertango from Astor Piazzolla (Luís Paixão, on the accordion, 3rd year of Fine Arts and João Dionísio, on the trumpet, 2nd year of Sound and Image).

Then we had traditional Jewish music, played by António Casal on percussion and Manuel Lemos on clarinet.

This duo come from a series of concerts sponsored by the Choir of Leiria, and is dedicated to playing so many unique and creative themes of popular Jewish music.

After all these stars, we had a relaxing moment enjoying a fine codfish meal. The whole buffet was prepared and cooked by students of the School of Tourism and Hospitality of Caldas da Rainha.

But that was not the end of it!

At 3:00 p.m. a ZEN moment, with YOGA class in the pine forest.

Throughout the day students of ESAD.CR done a fantastic action of entrepreneurship, a FLEA MARKET (2nd edition). At the fair you could find everything, from clothes to cabbage juice!

And we’re not over!

At 8:00 p.m. dinner was served in the cafeteria of the campus. We had three fabulous dishes prepared by the fantastic team of our cafeteria. We would like to thank the Social Services of the IPL for her unconditional support.

And finally, nothing better than a nice jolt to lose some calories. The Association of Student ESAD.CR gave a dance class FOLK.

Workshop With Studens of Gymnasium Stift Keppel, Germany.

ESAD.CR conducted a Workshop on Graphic Techniques at our Printmaking and Silkscreen studio on September 27 to 29.

The workshop resulted from a new yearly partnership between us and the Gymnasium Stift Keppel institution, in Germany.

At the Printing Techniques Workshop were developed two exercises with two different techniques: Linoleum – engraving adapted to the exercise under the theme “Labyrinth” and Silkscreen Printing adapted to the exercise of printing.

This workshop was oriented by the Teacher Isabel Baraona and the Technical Vera Gonçalves.

Paulo Carneiro, Finalist Student of Sound and Image in Guinea-Bissau.

This professional adventure had the core the realization of a placement in the aim of filming the movie “A Batalha de Tabatô”, produced by Papaveronoir and directed by João Viana.

The film’s shooting begins on June 6, 2011 and ending in Bissau in June 10, 2011.

Paul’s comment: “Who said that cinema is easy was totally wrong. If you are sick, if there are ants in the room, if the boat goes to the heart, if it rains at home and have the wet sheets, if you’re hot, if the tire is punctured and go eight people in a taxi if you miss your of all, if you had enough rice, if there are things that go wrong …. live on the edge and “Do not think about it.”

[“Cinema is a craft, it’s like being a bricklayer” Pedro Costa]

David Mourato, ESAD.CR Graduating Student of Sound and Image Course in “ZON Digital Animation Advanced Lab” at UT Austin Commences

Ten participants have been selected to attend the “ZON Digital Animation Advanced Lab” at UT Austin, which take place during June and July – UT Austin ZON 2011.

Lab offers an intensive course of three tightly coordinated classes that will enable students to quickly gain expertise in several aspects of this media form.

This class will teach presented different models of business strategies that coincide with the objectives of the new companies and also capitalise on and optimize the advantages of inventions or creations developed at universities. Photographer: João Alves

Austin is a great place to live, with a lot of animation and life, both during the day and at night.

Intern Spanish Origin in the ESAD.CR’s Office of Events and Communication.

Between March to June 2011, the ESAD.CR’s Office of Events and Communication had the pleasure of following the the internship of Raquel Ventosa, a student of the IPL under the Erasmus program. This is another example that the language is not an obstacle but a way for all learned from each other.

Much luck for her career and we hope she will come back in a near future. We miss her already.

Mucha suerte en su carrera y esperamos volver a verla en un futuro próximo. Ya sentimos saudades de ella.

International Dinner at ESAD.CR, Happened on May 19, 2011.

This year the Student Support Services of IPL present us with the presence of two chefs, that by chance were very friendly. Thank you for allowing the academic community have enjoyed this wonderful dinner.

We cannot leave a word of appreciation to all the staff of Campus 3 Canteen. Always cheerful, dedicated and with a friendly word for everyone. Thank you and we hope to be gifted every day with your contagious smile.

As we can see the menu was full of color, only if eaten with the eyes. Come on Sergio take all the soup! Oh girls forgot the diet. They could not resist! And of course the sweet rice could not fail, because certainly we would have complains!

Master Student  of Fine Arts ESAD.CR Exhibits in Brazil.

“Contemporary Art Lusophone”: to seek what unites us and differentiates us.  Shows integrates several artist of Portuguese-speaking countries.This exhibition includes artists from several Portuguese-speaking countries, among which the our Master student of Fine Arts – Eduardo Malé.

+ info here.

ESAD.CR + Det Tverrfaglige from Norway.

We conducted a Workshop on Graphic Techniques at our Printmaking and Silkscreen studio on 28 February 28 and 1, 2 and 3 March. The workshop resulted from an annual partnership between us and the institution annually Det Tverrfaglige from Norway.

[Preparation and development of the linoleum matrix.]

At the Printing Techniques Workshop were developed two exercises with two different techniques: Linoleum – engraving adapted to the exercise under the theme “Labyrinth”, coordinated by teacher Isabel Baraona and technician Vera Goncalves; and Silkscreen Printing adapted to the exercise of printing a “1000 Escudos Bill from ESAD.CR “, coordinated by Vera Gonçalves.

[Print/testing of the arrays and analysis of prints.]

The Norwegian student group was composed of: Tove Leithe, Knut Nes, Jon Thorensen, Thomas Karlsen, Benedicte Friis, Kristen Snker and Gerd Wandergard, accompanied by the rector of the institution Det Tverrfaglige, Dr. Julio Fernandes da Silva.

[Assembly and collective work for the realization of large format printing arrays that contained all the matrices that the students worked on.]

In addition to the fellowship among students and teachers of different ages, this event has managed to produce interesting works performed with techniques of removal of the matrix, the addition of transparent colors and collages. The mixture of these techniques allowed the development of plasticity and image dynamics that we intended to work.

[Carrying out the final prints of each student.]

“This type of event is one of the best ways to improve our work.  It is interesting to notice the  international students’ motivation who have been completely absorbed by learning the techniques of printing. They said it was an incredible experience and they would like to visit us again.” [Vera Gonçalves]

[Workshop video]

Printmaking Workshop in Poland.

Under the program of LLP / Erasmus, it was attributed to Vera Goncalves, a scholarship for Education and Training 2009/2010. The scholarship recipient chose of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Lodz (Poland), because was a distinguished institution in Graphics, Screen Printing and Engraving.

Vera Goncalves says that “…the graphic arts are in constant development with new technologies, and the contact with professionals in this area, gives the ability to exchange new ways of working, at technical and organizational and even social, it is always a great enrichment to exchange knowledge in the Graphic Arts to keep us updated.”

[Above: images of the course results.]


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