Amélia Santos and Ana Coutinho in Brazil:


[At left: Amelia Santos  on the Beach “Canasvieiras” in front of the Accommodation where they stayed. At right: Ana Coutinho in “Barra da Lagoa”.]

Year of the “Mobility Experience”: 2010
Home institution: ESAD.CRCaldas da Rainha, Portugal.
Course: Graphic Design.
Host institution: University of Southern Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, Brazil.
Course or field of study: Design.

[At Left: Amélia and a colleague in Argentina “Trilha de Naufragados”. At Right: “Cataratas de Iguaçú”, resident animal “Coati”.]

Why did you choose this school?
We wanted to go to Brazil and we choose the best school upon what were looking for.

Did you like the school?
The facilities were good but the teaching level was much lower than ours.

How far is the school from the city?
It is inside the city to the north, 30 km far from downtown.

Your field of study is well developed in the school?

How did you relate to native teachers and students?
The area of Industrial Design was better in terms of workshops and also the area of international relations is very well developed.

This school is “ideal” for…
…to have lunch, the bar was very good!

Other information/experiences:
The students are not very autodidactic, the classes ended and they did not work like us.

[At left: Amélia in “Cataratas de Iguaçú”. At right: Ana in front of the “Casa Rosada” in Buenos Aires]

Where were you staying?
In residential apartments, called “Ilha Dourada”.

How far is the accommodation from the school?
The accommodation is inside the city and 5km far from the school.

How were the conditions of accommodation? How much did it cost?
Was very good, near seaside… we had dinner on the terrace, looking over the sea. It cost us 85 Euros a month, each.

What did you think of the city?
The city is well developed in comparison to Brazil, people are a little elitist.

Did you like the food?
Ahhh the best part! We liked the shrimp, “picanha”, natural fruit juices, brigadiers, “caipirinha”, sloppy ice cream … on the beach the pineapples with vodka inside… many things!

How was the standard of living?
In the city of Florianopolis is medium-high type, where are all the rich of Brazil, with vacation house… etc.

Did you visit other cities?
We visited Curitiba, Foz de Iguaçú and Blumenau.

[Buenos Aires in “Bairro la Boca”.]

What do you think are the major cultural differences?
They are very cinquentists and a bit retrograde, on the other hand, they try to convey that they are super friendly, but we noticed this falsehood.

Other information / experiences:
We took advantage of the location of the city and we went to Paraguay to the “Ciudad del Este” and Buenos Aires.

Did you receive a grant?

Did you make Brazilian friends?

Do you plan to go back?
Yes 10 years from now we will go. To have time to finish the course, find a job and then we will go! (They smiled).

What do you think that this experience brought to you in the personal and professional level?
On a personal level was very rewarding because we learnt to drop everything to which we’re connected respecting our education and welfare. And the professional level was not what we expected; it were we who passed our information to them.

[At left: “Canasvieiras” Beach. At right: tour boat on the northern island of Florianopolis, Portuguese and Argentinian people.]

Did you experience some adventure or strange situation you’d like to share?
So many… for example the fact that we bought some truck passages at an agency and the guy never showed up and got our money, we lost 25 Euros each.

A recommendation for future “Mobility Students”:
If you want to rest and go on vacation is the perfect place, beautiful landscapes… nature… but not to work!


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