ESAD.CR + Det Tverrfaglige from Norway.

ESAD.CR + Det Tverrfaglige from Norway.

We conducted a Workshop on Graphic Techniques at our Printmaking and Silkscreen studio on 28 February 28 and 1, 2 and 3 March. The workshop resulted from an annual partnership between us and the institution annually Det Tverrfaglige from Norway.

[Preparation and development of the linoleum matrix.]

At the Printing Techniques Workshop were developed two exercises with two different techniques: Linoleum – engraving adapted to the exercise under the theme “Labyrinth”, coordinated by teacher Isabel Baraona and technician Vera Goncalves; and Silkscreen Printing adapted to the exercise of printing a “1000 Escudos Bill from ESAD.CR “, coordinated by Vera Gonçalves.

[Print/testing of the arrays and analysis of prints.]

The Norwegian student group was composed of: Tove Leithe, Knut Nes, Jon Thorensen, Thomas Karlsen, Benedicte Friis, Kristen Snker and Gerd Wandergard, accompanied by the rector of the institution Det Tverrfaglige, Dr. Julio Fernandes da Silva.

[Assembly and collective work for the realization of large format printing arrays that contained all the matrices that the students worked on.]

In addition to the fellowship among students and teachers of different ages, this event has managed to produce interesting works performed with techniques of removal of the matrix, the addition of transparent colors and collages. The mixture of these techniques allowed the development of plasticity and image dynamics that we intended to work.

[Carrying out the final prints of each student.]

“This type of event is one of the best ways to improve our work.  It is interesting to notice the  international students’ motivation who have been completely absorbed by learning the techniques of printing. They said it was an incredible experience and they would like to visit us again.” [Vera Gonçalves]

[Workshop video]


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